Recently, spam/ junkmess messages , also known as spam messages , are showing signs of breaking out again, causing annoyance and anxiety for mobile users. As noted by many people, they are constantly receiving junk messages advertising, phishing, even fake from reputable organizations and individuals.
WARNING: Junk messages bloom again

1.The current state of junk messages:

According to the Vietnam Cyber Emergency Response Center (VNCERT / CC), the Information Security Department, spam messages with the content “make money online” or “gratitude to customers” are showing signs of re-outbreak. Users often receive junk messages advertising “make money online” or “customer gratitude,” often accompanied by a link. After the user clicks on the link, the user is redirected to a website asking to download the application and register for the rewards program.

The downloaded application is actually malware, silently hijacking the phone. Fraudsters can steal money in bank accounts (if the phone has Internet Banking app installed), steal personal information important and use for bad purposes such as impersonation, extortion, asset appropriation .

This is a sophisticated scam because these objects have taken advantage of the trust and greed of users who may be at risk of bank information theft, personal information can be used to make credit contracts, loans without the victim knowing.

2. Solution

To ensure safety, we advise people to be careful to be vigilant against the increasingly sophisticated tricks of scammers, appropriators of high-tech assets. DO NOT access, log in to websites, links sent from messages of strangers of unknown origin. DO NOT transfer money to fake personal accounts for credit loans. DO NOT provide personal information, bank account security information or any other information.
At the same time, when detecting abnormalities, immediately notify the authorities for support and actively denounce the crime to the authorities when detecting the subjects with criminal acts to promptly prevent, without leaving unfortunate consequences.
> > > To learn more about spam messages and how to identify them, people can update the information through the article:
In addition, regularly update information about new phishing tricks to protect yourself, share this information to relatives and friends to raise awareness of phishing prevention through junk messages and Spam calls. And to ensure more safety from threats such as junk messages, phishing calls or cyberattacks. People can use spam blocking and phishing calls – App Pocy
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3. Conclusion:
Spam is a thorny problem that needs to be solved thoroughly. To protect yourself from spam, each user needs to raise awareness and apply effective preventive measures. Let’s join hands to repel spam to build a healthy, safe information environment.
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