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Frequently Asked Questions

(Some frequently asked questions when using the POCY app, if you are experiencing the same error please refer to it.)

Spam numbers are unsolicited, often promotional or spam messages, sent in bulk, causing annoyance to the recipient. Scam numbers are forms of email, text or call phishing that target personal or financial information with fraudulent tactics. Both can have serious consequences and should be prevented.

Use the POCY app to help you:
1. Block spam, spam, scam messages and calls.
2. Protection of personal information and accounts.
3. Save time and focus more.
4. Smoother phone experience.
POCY is a useful tool to keep you safe when using your mobile phone.

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If you do not receive OTP (One-Time Password) when using the POCY application, you can perform some of the following steps:
1. Network Connection Test: Make sure your phone has a stable network connection (Wi-Fi or mobile data) to receive messages.
2. Check Inbox for Junk: Check in the “Spam” or “Junk” mailbox in your messaging app for messages containing OTP.
3. Try again or request a new OTP: In case you still do not receive the OTP, try resending the OTP request or requesting a new code from the POCY app.
4. Check registration information again: Make sure that you have entered the correct mobile phone number when requesting OTP. The phone number must be one that has been registered with POCY.
5. Contact POCY support: If the issue continues, contact POCY support to get specific support and resolve the issue.
In some cases, failure to receive an OTP may be due to a technical issue or issue with the specific service. Contacting support will help you resolve this situation quickly and effectively.

Even if you have used a spam call blocker like POCY, there is a chance that some spammy phone numbers may still be calling you. Reasons may include:
1. Imtimely update: The spam phone number list of applications may not be timely updated with new phone numbers used for spam purposes.
2. New Phone Number: Spammers can use new phone numbers constantly to avoid being blocked by spam blocking apps.
3. Fraud Techniques: Some spammers may use new techniques to avoid spam call blocking methods.
4. Vulnerability or breakdown: There may be a vulnerability or technical glitch in blocking spam phone numbers, resulting in some spam calls still going through.

In case you continue to receive spam calls despite using a spam blocking app, you may need to update your app to the latest version or look for other apps that are more likely to block spam. Also, reporting spam calls to your phone service provider can help improve this situation.