Goals & Mission Statement


Pocy Application Building Technology.

The user experience

All applications block scam calls, messages for the first time in Vietnam and received many positive reviews from users

Before I used it, I was often called by brokers, and then some loans, now pocy helps me stop about 99%. Great.

Mr. Minh Tien
AI Engineer

The Pocy app is like a flashed ad, displaying the right caller ID, helping me to know who is calling.

Ms. Thao Pham
Office Staff

I have used the app and found that most of the spam and scam numbers are blocked. OK browse.

Ms. Thuy Tay
Founder An Chi Huong

Pocy is great, stopping all the annoying sales calls.

Mr.Tuan Tran

Block spam calls

POCY is an effective solution to help users avoid the annoyance of spam calls, besides, POCY also protects privacy and saves time.

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Block spam messages

The app uses advanced technology to identify and block spam messages from strange phone numbers, ads, scams, etc. to help you protect your privacy and save time.

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