Giving many people sleepless nights and causing unexpected challenges to daily life, junk calls are becoming an increasingly serious problem. Every day, dozens, even hundreds of such junk calls pour into your phone, causing unforeseen annoyance and negatively affecting your work performance and mental well-being.
Junk calls are not only a noticeable problem of daily annoyance, but also affect many aspects of personal and social life. In particular, receiving unwanted calls from fraudulent organizations can cause serious financial and emotional damage, causing consumers to feel insecure and distrust of the market and business institutions.

What do you know about junk calls?

Junk calls are unwanted phone calls that are sent to individuals or businesses without the consent of the recipient of the call. And it comes from many different causes, here are some specific causes
  • Unwanted advertising: Advertising and sales companies may collect personal information and use it to send unsolicited calls.
  • Fraud: Scammers can use it to defraud the personal or financial information of the call recipient.
  • Nonprofits: Some nonprofits may also call to seek donations or donations, but if not requested, this can be frustrating for the recipient.
And according to statistics, the number of unwanted / junk calls increased significantly in recent years, creating a serious global problem. And this can have an economic impact because of causing significant economic loss to businesses and countries.

Consequences for individuals and businesses about junk call:

For individuals:
  • Disturbing and interrupting: Junk calls can disrupt daily work and cause annoyance to the call recipient.
  • Threats to information security: There may be a risk of personal or financial information being exposed when exchanging information during a fraudulent call.
  • Time and resource consumption: Recipients of its may have to spend a lot of time and energy processing and stopping this call.
Consequences for individuals and businesses
For business:
  • Impact on image: Junk calls can damage a business s reputation if customers feel harassed or disrespected.
  • Waste of time and resources: Garbage calls consume the time and resources of the business to process and resolve.
  • Customer Loss: If customers feel dissatisfied with their experience of its, they may decide not to deal with that business in the future.

Methods of preventing spam calls:

  1. Use junk call blocking software:
  • Automatic Spam Call Blocker Software: Apps and software that can be installed on mobile phones or landline devices to automatically block calls from numbers identified as junk calls.
  • Blacklist update: The software can update the list of known Spam calling phone numbers to automatically block calls from these numbers.
Use junk call blocking software
  1. Sign up for the Do Not Call Junk list:
  • Register with a government organization: Many countries offer no-spam lists to registered citizens, helping them avoid receiving spam calls from advertising and marketing organizations.
  • Legal force: Businesses must comply with regulations related to no-call lists and can be fined if they violate them.
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  1. How to properly react when receiving a junk call:
  • Don t share personal information: Avoid sharing personal or financial information when receiving calls from unknown numbers.
  • Turn off calls: If receiving a spam call, the recipient can turn off the call immediately or hang up without talking.
  • Report junk calls: If possible, the recipient of a junk call can report the junk phone number to a government organization or carrier so they can act accordingly.


Garbage calls are a nuisance and seriously affect individuals and businesses. However, there are effective solutions to mitigate it, including using spam call blocking software, signing up for a no-spam list, and adopting proper responses when receiving spam calls.
To implement a strategy to prevent unwanted calls for a better community, a business and a society, it is necessary to increase education and public awareness, encourage cooperation from governments and institutions, as well as build an environment that does not accept spam calls. Implementing these measures will help mitigate this situation, protect personal information and create a more positive living and working environment for everyone.
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