Spam calls and spam messages are becoming a persistent obsession for mobile users in Vietnam. Every day, people suffer from a series of annoying calls and spam messages, affecting their lives and potentially the risk of fraud and property appropriation.
This situation comes from many reasons, mainly due to the management of the subscriber sim is not tight, the activities of illegal organizations and individuals and the consciousness of a part of the people is not high. Let us learn more about the consequences and causes that spam messages and calls are so rampant through this article!

Consequences of Prompts and Junk Calls:

1. Disturbing, affecting user psychology:
  • Constantly receiving calls, spam messages are annoying, frustrating, distracting in work and life.
  • Causing stress, anxiety, affecting mental health, especially the elderly, children.
  • Invasion of privacy, create a sense of insecurity, insecurity.
Annoying, psychologically affecting users
2. The risk of fraud, appropriation of property:
  • Junk calls, spam messages are often used to scam, spoof authorities, banks, credit institutions to personal information, bank accounts.
  • It is easy to deceive light-hearted and ignorant people, especially the elderly and children.
  • Causing heavy economic losses, even affecting lives.
Risk of fraud, appropriation of property
3. Economic and mental damage to people:
  • Lost time, money listening, reading calls, junk messages.
  • Affect work efficiency, learning.
  • Causing panic, anxiety, affecting mental health.
  • It has caused people to lose confidence in telecommunications services.
Economic and mental damage to the people

The causes of rampant spam messages and calls

1. Loose carrier management:
  • SIM trading is not the owner, fake sim rampant due to lack of control over subscriber registration.
  • The SIM management system is weak, has not prevented messages, spam calls.
  • Dealing with violations has many limitations.
2. Illegal activities:
  • Using software, robots automatically send messages, spam calls.
  • Illegal collection of personal information for fraud, advertising.
  • Illegal networks organize messages, large-scale spam calls.
3. People’s consciousness is limited:
  • Providing personal information to strangers online.
  • Join an unreputable website.
  • Use unsafe services (applications of unknown origin).
  • Trust calls, spam messages, click strange links.

Some solutions to repel spam calls and spam messages

The problem of spam calls and spam messages is becoming more and more painful, seriously affecting people’s lives and potentially frauds and appropriations of property. To thoroughly solve this problem, it is necessary to have the cooperation of the whole political system, the authorities and the people.

On the carrier side:

Improve the management of subscriber sim:
  • Review, closely check the registration of new sim, require full provision of accurate information of customers.
  • Apply strict handling measures to agents who violate regulations in selling sim cards.
  • Assist the authorities in tracing the origin of the junk sim, fake sim.
Apply technical measures to prevent spam calls and spam messages:
  • Use advanced technologies such as AI, Big Data to analyze and filter calls, spam messages.
  • Implement an automatic blocking system for phone numbers that regularly make spam calls, spam messages.
  • Give customers the tools to manually block unwanted phone numbers.
Cooperate with the authorities to deal with violations:
  • Provide information about suspicious subscribers making spam calls, spam messages to the authorities.
  • Assist the authorities in the investigation and verification of violations.
  • Apply strict handling measures to subscribers who violate the regulations.
spam call
Improve the management of subscriber sim
On the part of the authorities:
Complete the legal system to handle violations of spam calls and spam messages:
  • Issuing specific regulations, details of violations, the level of penalties for acts of making spam calls, spam messages.
  • Clearly define the responsibilities of the parties involved in dealing with this issue.
Strengthen propaganda and raise awareness of the people:
  • Provide people with information on how to identify and prevent spam calls and spam messages.
  • Propaganda about the harm of making spam calls, spam messages.
  • Encourage people to use apps that block spam calls, spam messages.
There are strict handling measures for violations:
  • Strengthen inspection, handle violations of regulations on management of subscriber sim, make spam calls, spam messages.
  • Apply strict sanctions to organizations and individuals who violate.
On the side of the people:
Raising a sense of vigilance, not providing personal information to strangers:
  • Do not give phone numbers or personal information to strangers via phone calls, text messages or social networks.
  • Be careful when clicking on strange links in messages and emails.
  • Not participating in promotions, winning the lottery requires providing personal information.
Use apps that block spam calls and spam messages:
  • Install applications that block spam calls, reputable spam messages on the phone.
  • Regularly update the list of junk phone numbers to improve the blocking efficiency.
Report to the network operator or authorities when detecting violations:
  • Report to the carrier when receiving spam calls, spam messages.
  • Provide the authorities with information about phone numbers that regularly make spam calls, spam messages.

Let’s fight spam calls and spam messages!

Junk calls and spam messages are not only annoying but also potentially frauds, affecting cyber security and socio-economic development. Therefore, it is extremely important to thoroughly handle this issue. Joining hands to repel spam calls and spam messages is the responsibility of each individual, organization and authorities.
Let’s join hands to protect the peaceful life and cyber security for yourself and the community!
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