Spam message, also known by terms such as unwanted messages, is an increasingly common and frustrating problem in the modern digital world. Simply defined as unsolicited or unwanted messages that are sent to users automatically and massively, spam messages are not only a nuisance to consumers but also have many other negative consequences.
Understanding the spam problem is an important part of protecting yourself and enhancing everyone s online experience. By mastering the knowledge of what causes their rise, the types of prevalence and how to prevent them, consumers can protect themselves from online threats and optimize their use of electronic communication services.
Let’s find out what spam is and what it does.

Definition of Spam Message:

Spam messages (or unsolicited messages) are electronic messages sent to users automatically and massively that the user does not want or request. These messages are often promotional or marketing in nature, or may contain disturbing or deceptive content.
What is spam?
Distinguish between spam and regular messages:
  • Regular Messages: These are messages that registered users receive or request from a specific source, such as messages from friends, family, or services to which they have subscribed.
  • Spam messages are messages that users do not want or request, often containing promotional or marketing content.
Common types of spam messages and how they are often classified:
  • Product / Service Advertising: Sending promotional information about products or services that users are not interested in or have not requested.
  • Fraud and Fraud: Spam messages may contain fraudulent information, such as false winning notices, requests for personal information for the purpose of fraud.
  • Fake People: Messages from fake phone numbers or email addresses, attempting to scam users by impersonating a well-known brand or individual.
  • Messages that share inaccurate or reactionary information: Sending messages that contain inaccurate or reactionary information, often for the purpose of spreading rumors or causing trouble.
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The harm of spam messages:

Impact on user experience:
  • Annoying: Receiving a large amount of spam messages daily causes annoyance and annoyance to the user, reducing the experience of using a mobile phone or email.
  • Decreased work performance: Constant interruptions from unwanted messages cause a decline in work performance, distracting and slowing down the work process.
  • Unstable psychological state: The negative influence of spam messages can cause stress, anxiety and even loss of confidence of users.
The effects of spam
Security and security risks:
  • Spam messages contain malicious links: Some spam messages may contain malicious links that lead to the installation of malware or viruses on a user s device when they click.
  • Fraudulent intent to obtain personal or account information: Spam messages can be designed to trick users into providing personal information such as login names, passwords, or bank account information, thereby causing serious security and financial consequences for users.
Understanding these harmful effects of spam is extremely important so that users can protect themselves and stay safe when using electronic communication services.

The causes of the rise of spam messages:

Economic Benefits:
  • Low-cost approach: Spam messaging can be done at a very low cost compared to traditional marketing mediums such as television, radio or print advertising. This makes spam an attractive option for organizations or individuals who want to reach a large number of users without a lot of overhead.
  • High profitability: With low investment costs, organizations or individuals who send spam messages can get high profits from advertising products, services or deceiving users.
The causes of the rise of spam messages
The development of technology:
  • Automation technology: The development of technology has facilitated the automatic and mass sending of spam messages. Automated software machines can be used to send messages automatically to a large number of phone numbers or email addresses in just a few seconds.
  • High penetration of the Internet and mobile phones: The popularity of the Internet and mobile phones has created favorable conditions for sending spam messages. Senders can easily reach and market to a large number of users through these communication channels.
These causes come together to create an ideal environment for the rise of spam, which increases the risk and impacts a user s online experience.
How to prevent and reduce spam messages:
Use garbage blocking software:
  • Installing and using spam blocking apps or software on your mobile phone or computer is an effective measure to prevent unwanted messages from reaching your inbox or phone.
  • These apps often allow users to create blacklists to block unwanted phone numbers or email addresses, as well as categorize and remove spam messages automatically.
Legal regulations:
  • Establishing and promoting policies and legislation that block spam messages is an important means to mitigate this problem.
  • By developing and enforcing legal regulations, the government can impose sanctions on spammers and increase compliance from organizations and individuals.
Enhance education and awareness:
  • Organizing education campaigns and creating awareness about the harm of spam in the community is an effective way to prevent and reduce the spread of this issue.
  • Activities such as organizing workshops, distributing guidance materials, and communication campaigns can help increase user awareness of how to avoid and report spam messages.
By combining the above measures, we can create a more secure online communication environment and minimize the impact of spam messages on users.


Spam message is not only a daily nuisance, but it also brings serious harm to users, from the depletion of the online experience to the risk of security and privacy of personal information.
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