Spam calls, spam messages have long become a painful problem, causing frustration in public opinion and seriously affecting the lives of people, not only in Vietnam but all over the world. Every day, millions of Vietnamese people suffer from countless calls and spam messages with rampant advertising content, sophisticated fraud, selling fake goods,… annoying, time consuming and money, even leading to heavy damage to property.

The reality of garbage calls in Vietnam:

A series of strange phone numbers are constantly calling, regardless of the time, making users unable to focus on work, study, or simply enjoy relaxing moments. The ringing of the phone rings, meaningless spam messages constantly appear as a mental burden, causing many people to feel “bored” and “obsessed.”
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According to statistics from the Ministry of Information and Communications, the picture of garbage calls in Vietnam becomes extremely worrying:
  • Every day, tens of millions of garbage calls are made, disturbing people’s lives.
  • More than 1 million subscribers were locked out for breaching regulations on phone sim management in 2023, suggesting lax management.
  • A survey by the Telecommunications Department showed that 90% of people feel annoyed and frustrated by the condition of junk calls.
  • More serious consequences, the damage caused by garbage calls is estimated to be up to trillions of VND per year, severely affecting socio-economic life.
This “moving” statistic paints a grim picture of the reality of garbage calls in Vietnam, which requires a drastic entry from the authorities, businesses and people to push back this painful problem.

How to prevent it?

Dang Thanh Dat, 27, an employee of Bach Kim restaurant (Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh City), used to go crazy because of junk calls from fixed numbers. In the past, I was often disturbed by calls from junk sim, but now, the new obsession is the calls from 11-digit numbers (11-digit fixed numbers), Dat shared. He added: Although blocking a lot of numbers, I still keep receiving calls from other numbers. While I was sleeping, the ringing of the phone from these calls made me frustrated and lost sleep.
This situation is not only happening to Dat but also a common annoyance of many people in Vietnam. The loose management of fixed numbers, together with sophisticated tricks of the network operators and advertising companies, makes it more difficult than ever to completely block spam calls from this number.
Prevention of junk calls (Internet Photo)
To overcome this problem, there is a need for joint efforts from both authorities and users. On the part of authorities, it is necessary to strengthen the management of mobile sim cards, review and check and punish the spreading of fake mobile sim cards. In addition, authorities should apply new innovations such as developing and deploying effective spam call filtering systems, cooperating with network operators to find appropriate solutions and should raise awareness of people about the issue of calls and spam messages.
On the user side, Vietnamese people starve not to provide their personal information to unreputable sources because they do not know what they will do with their personal information. Besides, be careful when listening to ads “honey” and unfounded. And should use applications that block and report spam messages and calls to ensure their safety.

The Golden Principles in Fighting Spam Calls

Garbage calls are increasingly becoming a painful problem, affecting the lives and work of many people. To reverse this problem, each individual needs to equip themselves with the knowledge and skills necessary to fight spam calls effectively. Here are some golden principles that you should keep in mind:
1. Be careful with personal information:
  • Limit the provision of personal information to non-reputable sources, especially by phone, text or social media.
  • Be careful when participating in contests and promotions that require the provision of personal information.
  • Only provide personal information to reputable organizations and businesses with good security measures.
2. Use junk call blocking apps:
  • Install and use reputable spam call blocking applications, which have clear origins.
  • Regularly update the list of junk phone numbers to improve the blocking efficiency.
  • Consult your relatives, friends to choose the appropriate application.
3. Do not listen to the instructions of strangers over the phone:
  • Absolutely do not believe in advertising offers, buying too attractive over the phone.
  • Don t give bank account information, passwords or other important personal information to strangers.
  • If a scam is suspected, hang up and contact the authorities for assistance.
4. Report garbage calls to the authorities:
  • Record the phone number, the contents of the garbage call to provide to the authorities.
  • Report spam calls through the operator’s call center or dedicated websites and applications.
  • Cooperate with the authorities to investigate and handle violations.
Report junk calls to the authorities
5. Raising a sense of community:
  • Share information about how to prevent spam calls to relatives, friends, and the community.
  • Encourage people to use apps that block spam calls and report spam calls to authorities.
  • Let’s work together to eliminate the problem of spam calls to build a healthier, safer and more civilized information environment.


Remember these golden principles and apply them in practice to protect yourself from spam calls. Join hands to repel this problem to build a healthy information environment for the community. And to completely prevent 99% of spam calls and messages, users should download POCY – one of the leading spam call prevention applications in Vietnam. C hand repel the problem of spam calls, build a healthy information environment for the community!
Download Pocy today to protect yourself from junk calls and enjoy a safe, comfortable life!
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