Spam messages, spam calls are a painful problem, affecting the lives of many people. Therefore, it is necessary to have the hand of the authorities, network operators and people to solve this problem. Let’s find out with POCY where the spam call messages come from, the current situation, its harm and should be prevented or adapted through this article!

The reality of spam messages, spam calls are increasingly common:

According to a report by the Ministry of Information and Communications, in 2023, Vietnam recorded more than 243 million spam messages and nearly 100,000 subscribers with signs of spreading spam calls. On average, carriers block and block about 31,000 subscribers with signs of spreading spam calls every month. According to a survey by the Vietnam Internet Association, 90% of mobile users in Vietnam receive spam messages and 80% receive spam calls.

Spam calls and messages reach users in many different forms:

  • Spam messages: Advertising, fraud, impersonation of state agencies,…
  • Junk calls: Real estate brokers, usury lenders, scams,…
So the origin of spam messages, where spam calls come from, let’s find out the information below!

The origin of spam messages, spam calls:

1. Junk SIM:
SIM rubbish, the “anonymous” in the telecommunications market, sows the obsession called spam messages and spam calls for users. Fraudsters take advantage of SIM rubbish to perform illegal acts such as sending spam messages, rampant advertising, causing nuisance; making spam calls, fraud, appropriation of property; impersonating authorities, reputable organizations to scam, confuse public opinion.
Therefore, in order to repel the junk SIM and protect themselves from its harmful effects, each person needs to raise the awareness of using the SIM itself, with clear origin; at the same time, do not buy and sell, use junk SIM and actively report violations related to junk SIM to the authorities. Let’s join hands to build a healthy and safe telecommunications environment for ourselves and the community!
Garbage sims are widespread
2. Leakage of personal information:
Leaking personal information such as phone numbers, emails, home addresses is a fertile ground for criminals to exploit, turning into a gold mine for spam messages and spam calls. Personal information can be exposed from many sources:
  • Website, applications are not secure: Security vulnerabilities, cyber attacks cause user information to be stolen.
  • Fraud activities, stealing information: Fraudsters use sophisticated tricks to lure, trick users into providing personal information.
  • Illegal trading of personal information: The trading of personal information on the black network is rampant, potentially risky.
3. Automatic calling technology:
Automatic calling technology (VoIP) was invented with good intentions, helping to save costs and bring utilities to users. However, in the hands of criminals, VoIP has become a powerful tool to perform illegal acts such as:
  • Make spam calls, advertising: Fraudsters use VoIP to automatically call a series of phone numbers, no matter the day or night, causing annoyance, affecting the life and work of users. At the same time, they also integrate rampant advertising content, even fraud, selling fake goods, counterfeit goods.
  • Phone fraud: With the ability to hide the real phone number, VoIP makes it easy for crooks to impersonate authorities and reputable organizations to scam people. They use rhetoric, sophisticated tricks to seduce, threaten, make victims provide personal information, bank accounts, even transfer money to scammers.
Leakage of personal information
4. Security vulnerabilities:
Security holes in the network s system, businesses can be exploited by crooks to:
  • Access to customers’ personal information.
  • Send spam messages, advertisements.
  • Make a junk call.
5. International factors:
In addition to domestic factors, spam messages, spam calls are also influenced by foreign countries, namely:
  • Loose phone SIM management in some countries: In some countries, the purchase and sale of phone SIMs is not strictly controlled, making it easier for criminals to possess junk SIMs to commit illegal acts.
  • Difficulties in tracing and handling: Due to national barriers, the identification and pursuit of objects making spam messages, spam calls from other countries face many difficulties. The coordination of investigation and handling between countries is also many inadequacies.

Harm and Consequences of Spam Calls and Messages:

1. Disturbing:
  • Spam messages and calls often arrive suddenly, causing annoyance, affecting the work and personal lives of the recipients.
  • In particular, junk calls at night or during lunch breaks can affect the health and psychological well-being of the recipients.
2. Fraud risk:
  • Fraudsters often use calls and spam messages to defraud recipients, appropriating property.
  • Common forms of phishing through calls and spam messages include:
  • Impersonating the authorities to get money.
  • Send a message to announce the winning or promotion.
  • Fraud through the online loan app.
Harm and Consequences of Spam Calls and Messages
3. Money loss:
  • When answering spam calls or clicking on links in spam messages, recipients may lose money due to:
  • High freight deduction.
  • Scammed money transfer.
  • Installed malware on the phone.
4. Health effects:
  • Regularly receiving spam messages and calls can take a toll on the mental health of the recipient, leading to:
  • Stress, stress.
  • Insomnia, anxiety.
  • Reduced ability to concentrate.

5. Causing cyber security:

  • Fraudsters can use calls and spam messages to steal the recipient s personal information and bank accounts.
  • Providing personal information to scammers through calls and spam messages can lead to the risk of tampering, fraud, extortion.
  • Spam messages and calls bring many harms and bad effects to users, so users should take measures to prevent and limit such messages and calls.

Solution “anti” spam messages, spam calls:

Here are some measures to prevent spam messages and calls that you need to know:
1. Use your carrier’s blocking service:
  • Most carriers offer services that block spam messages, spam calls.
  • This service can block a certain number of spam messages, spam calls.
  • However, the effectiveness of this service is limited and can be costly.

2. Use the application to block messages, spam calls:

  • There are many free spam call blocking apps on the market.
  • These apps use AI technology to identify and block spam messages and spam calls.
  • The efficiency of these applications is higher than that of the carrier’s blocking service.
3. Self-block spammy phone numbers:
  • Users can manually block phone numbers that regularly send spam messages, spam calls.
  • This method is simple, but only effective when the user knows the spammy phone number.
4. Awareness and vigilance:
  • Users need to raise awareness about the harm of spam messages and  calls.
  • Be careful when clicking on links in messages, answering calls from unknown numbers.
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