POCY is a free application that effectively prevents spam calls and messages on your smartphone. Application works effectively on multiple platforms: Android, iOS. The application has a friendly interface, easy to use. The application uses advanced AI technology to automatically identify and block spam, phishing, and advertising phone numbers.

POCY – Anti-Spam Call and Message Blocker

Key advantages of POCY app

1. Block spam messages and calls automatically

POCY applies advanced AI technology to automatically identify and block spam, phishing and advertising phone numbers effectively. POCY’s AI system is constantly learning and improving, ensuring the ability to block messages and spam calls most accurately. Thus, you can rest assured to enjoy the experience of using the phone without being disturbed by unwanted calls or messages.

2. Keep your spam list up to date

POCY has a huge database of spam, which is constantly updated to ensure you are protected from the latest threats. The spam list includes the phone numbers of phishing organizations, spam messages, annoying ads.

3. Block by keyword

Keyword blocking allows you to actively block messages and calls that contain specific content that you don t want to receive. For example, you can block messages advertising sales, phishing messages, or messages containing sensitive keywords.
POCY is an effective spam message and call blocker that helps you enjoy a safe and convenient mobile experience. Here are the main advantages of POCY

4. Personal blacklist

The freedom to create personal blacklists to block messages and calls from unwanted phone numbers. This feature is useful for blocking harassers, strange phone numbers, or people you don t want to contact.

5. Spam reporting

Easily report spam phone numbers to help Pocy perfect its spam blocking system and protect the user community. Reporting spam helps Pocy learn and improve its ability to block spam more effectively.

6. Free and easy to use

POCY is a 14-day free application that requires no payment or complicated account registration. The interface is simple, intuitive, easy to install and use, suitable for all users.

Some useful features of app POCY

Besides the outstanding advantages of the ability to block spam messages and calls, POCY also gives users many other useful features, helping to improve the safe and convenient mobile experience:

1. Effective contacts management

POCY automatically identifies and marks spammy phone numbers in your contacts, making it easy to manage and remove unwanted ones. This feature helps you save time and avoid the annoyance caused by spam messages and calls.

2. Backup and restore data

POCY supports data backup and restore, helping you to protect your application s installation data and block list securely. This feature is especially useful when you switch to a new device or reinstall POCY.

3. Support multi-language

POCY is designed to support many different languages, including English, making it easy to use the application and enjoy the full range of features.

4. Friendly interface, easy to use

POCY owns an intuitive interface, simple, easy to navigate and use, suitable for all users. The features are arranged scientifically, helping you quickly find and use the necessary functions.

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