In the era of digital technology, in addition to extremely large utilities, smartphones also pose many risks, especially the situation of spam messages, scam calls are increasing. These messages and calls are not only annoying but also can scam and appropriate users’ property. Therefore, it is extremely important to equip yourself with the knowledge and skills to block spam messages, block scam calls on smartphones.
Guide to block spam messages, scam calls on smartphones effectively!
This article will provide you with detailed instructions on how to effectively block spam messages, block phishing calls on smartphones, help you protect your phone and yourself from distractions and risks!

1. Understand the nature and harm of spam messages, scam calls:

1.1 Junk messages:

Spam messages , also known as spam messages , are unsolicited promotional, promotional, and informational messages sent to users without their consent.
Junk messages advertising gambling applications appear rampant in recent times
This type of message often causes many annoyances to users, including:
  • Reduced efficiency of phone use: Junk messages take up memory space, making the phone slow and difficult to use.
  • Lost time: Reading and deleting spam messages takes time and affects work or personal activities.
  • Fraud risk: Some spam messages may contain deceptive content, tempting users to provide personal information or click on malicious links.
  • Annoying: Spam messages are often sent at any time, including at night or when the user is busy, affecting concentration and mood.

1.2 Fraud calls:

Call fraud is a painful problem in today’s society, causing great damage to property and spirit for people. Fraudsters often use sophisticated tricks, fake authorities, banks, network operators… to deceive the trust and appropriate the property of the listener.
Phishing calls are calls aimed at fraud, appropriation of user assets by impersonating authorities, banks, carriers…
Below we will share and analyze some common forms of telephone fraud:
Forging the authorities
  • Scenario: Crooks often impersonate police, procuratorate, court… inform the listener about the cases, violations of the law they are entangled in. Then ask for personal information, transfer money to “solve the case” or “assist in the investigation.”
  • Purpose: Taking advantage of people’s trust and ignorance to seize property.
Forging the Bank
  • Scenario: Fraudsters often impersonate bank employees, informing listeners about issues related to bank accounts such as locked cards, unusual transactions… Then, request for OTP code, personal information and request for money transfer for processing.
  • Purpose: Stealing bank account information and appropriating the money in the account.
Fake the network
  • Scenario: Fraudsters often impersonate network employees, notifying listeners about promotions, incentives, or announcements about technical issues. Then, ask for personal information, recharge to “activate” or “solve.”
  • Purpose: Stealing personal information and appropriating property.
Sales Fraud
  • Scenario: Fraudsters often sell products or services at unexpected cheap prices or winning announcements to entice listeners to buy, transfer money first. Then, appropriate money without delivery or fake delivery.
  • Purpose: Taking advantage of people’s greed to seize property.

2. Solution to block spam messages, effectively block scam calls:

2.1. Use the spam blocking feature, block phishing calls available on smartphones:

Most smartphones today are equipped with spam blocking, phishing calls. To use this feature, you need to go to Settings > Messages > Anti-spam (or Settings > Calls > Block calls ). Enable the feature and customize the settings as you wish.

2.2. Installing applications that block spam messages, block phishing calls:

There are many applications that block spam messages, block scam calls. But Pocy is proud to be the first application that enhances the security and security of personal data of Vietnamese users from threats such as phishing, calls and spam messages. With advanced and effective features, this application is a reliable companion to help users stay safe in the online world full of risks.
App Pocy with the mission to help users identify callers and prevent spam calls, ads, scams or spam SMS with unknown numbers in Vietnam.
App prevent calls and messages Spam / Scam will protect users from fraudulent objects based on the data of the system but still help users do not miss calls from partners, customers. Pocy application helps users save time and effort in managing contacts and messages.
Some of the advantages of Pocy such as:
  • Detect and actively block spam calls, scams, advertisements
  • Junk Message Filter Using AI Technology
  • Continuously update the list of junk phone numbers
  • 100% security of user information
  • Simple interface, easy to use
You can download the application for free from the App Store or Google Play. Once installed, you need to grant access to messages, contacts and allow the application to work. The application will automatically block phone numbers that are rated as spam, phishing based on the user community.

2.3. Be careful with messages and calls that ask for personal information:

  • Never provide personal information such as bank passwords, OTP codes, ID / CCCD numbers… to anyone by text or phone.
  • Be careful with strange links in your messages.
  • Only download apps from reputable sources.

2.4. Raising awareness and knowledge about cybersecurity:

  • Follow reputable news sites, cyber security forums to update information on the latest scam tricks.
  • Take courses on cyber security to improve your knowledge and skills to prevent spam messages, scam calls.

2.4. Report spam messages, scam calls to the authorities:

  • You can report spam messages and phishing calls to the Bureau of Telecommunications through website or 1900 1900 call center.
  • Report spam messages, scam calls to the carrier that provides the service to you.

3. Conclusion

Hope this article has provided you with detailed information about spam messages, scam calls, their harm and effective spam blocking and scam call blocking measures.
Apply these measures immediately to protect yourself from spam messages and phishing calls. At the same time, educate your relatives, friends and everyone around you to work together to repel this problem, contributing to building a healthy and safe information environment.
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